Our Unique Venue

Old Village Barn is a venue that is full of history! The Barn sits on the site of a century old tobacco farm that is conveniently located in the heart of Southern Maryland. The barns exterior features weathered wood for a natural, charming, and simplistic feel. Once inside you are greeted with a bright, modern, and classic aesthetic.

About the Space

Currently, a third of the Barn is finished for interior events. This 700 sq ft area is perfect for intimate gatherings of up to 45 people (30 if fully seated). The OVB site also features 2 acres of land that can be used to place tents, entertain guests with outdoor activities or simply unwind.

The Future At OVB

We aspire to continue to build onto this venue by finishing the rest of the Barn as a space for entertaining. By doing so we can cater to events of up to 150 people within the interior of the Barn. We hope that you follow us along our journey to creating a unique and charming venue in Southern Maryland.


28200 Old Village Road, Mechanicsville, MD, 20659

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